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Verifone Pin Pad 1000SE

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Provide a unique, flexible option for your debit card users with the PIN Pad 1000SE. PIN Pad technology and key management are integral to debit PIN encryption process. The PIN Pad 1000SE caters to debit users by supporting both Master-Session and DUKPT (derived unique key per transaction) methods, enabling users to keep their existing hardware regardless of key management requirement changes.

The 1000SE also supports VeriFone PIN Pad 101 and 102 applications and MAC (Message Authentication Code). This technique protects individual debit data from accidental or fraudulent tampering during its transfer to the host.

The PIN Pad 1000SE offers consumers a number of advantages. Its compact structure allows for complete confidentiality to enter PIN numbers in the palm of your hand, and easy-to-read eight-character display allows for easier confirmation of payment amounts.

Use VeriFone's MKIXOR software to inject PIN Pad 1000SE for either Master-Session or DUKPT key management. If both key types have been injected, the PIN pad can easily be reset on site to switch from one key management to another, which saves merchants money and deploys more efficient transactions.



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